Convincing my Parents to let me Drive a Motorcycle?

Question by ThatOneGuy122112: Convincing my Parents to let me Drive a Motorcycle?
I’m wanting to get a motorcycle license when I can so I can drive myself to school on a motorcycycle so I don’t have to buy a car. The problem is is that my parents don’t want me ride a motorcycle on the road so whenever I try to talk to them about it they just say no and ignore me. The reason I want to get a motorcycle instead of a car is because it is more gas efficient and it would be cheaper to buy a used motorcycle than a used car.

I use to ride dirtbikes so I’m pretty good at riding motorcycles already but I do know it’s a little different riding a street motorcycle. I’d deffinetly take the motorcycle saftey classes. I’m also going to be paying for the motorcycle classes, tests, license, etc because my parents are paying for normal driving tests.

How can I get my parents to let me drive a motorcycle? Also what are some good beginner bikes so I can show them what I could get? I know that if they do let me ride a motorcycle it would be cheaper for them.

I’m 15 and I’ll be able to get my drivers permits in November.

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Answer by Bart S
RIDE its “RIDE” a motorcycle!,,, not ‘drive”

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3 thoughts on “Convincing my Parents to let me Drive a Motorcycle?”

  1. If you’ve done what you say you’ve done and you’ve shown that you have the ability and desire to do what you say you will, then that’s about all I could have advised you.

    If they’re worried about safety, you could try showing them the exact equipment/machinery that you want. Show them the helmet you want and find a bike you want. I’d stick with a very small engine, maybe 150cc or so (which is not much more than a scooter). That won’t really be able to get up to much speed, but should be great for commuting to school.

    If you’ve done all that and they still say no, then I’m afraid there’s not much more that you can do to convince them.

  2. – Take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. You’ll have your endorsement and oh, what a waste, especially when you’ve PROVEN you can ride safely. Guess you’ll be needing a motorcycle now, huh?
    – Or study for BOTH the driver’s permit and the m/c permit, take both tests and pass. Even if you don’t get a bike right away, so what, a) it’s worth the chance, and b) you’ll get a feel for it when you do get a bike.
    – Talk up the safety factor. “LOOK AT THAT, no helmet, no windscreen, that’s illegal!”
    – Buy motorcycle magazines and leave them laying around the house. Show ’em you’re not going to let this go.
    – Talk up a scooter. Technically it’s a motorcycle, they may not know the difference. It may be an edge for you. Hey, it’s still 2 wheels, and it will get you around town.
    – Yes, better gas mileage, and generally cheaper than a car, FAR less insurance & taxes & registration. Buy used & low end, and all you need is liability insurance.
    – “No” may be no for a while. So wait. It’s OK, the rest of us will be waitin’ for ya. Plan some trips if you’re thinking about using a motorcycle for that purpose. Live out those trips someday.

  3. Contact an insurance agent for a rate quote for motorcycle and auto insurance. Rates will shock you.
    First time rider, under 18 years of age, on a motorcycle, costs can be more than the cost of a small displacement motorcycle.
    Please read article below. Very good information for the beginning rider.
    Until you are on your own, if your parents say no, then the answer is no. They are responsible for you. You are under their roof. You have to abide by their decisions.
    A motorcycle is not the ideal machine for a beginning street rider.
    Good gas mileage is a poor reason to start out on a motorcycle.
    Get a car, learn to survive driving on the road and gain experience.
    Then get a road bike.
    Good Luck

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