could i be sued over accident?

Question by ♥TeReSa: could i be sued over accident?
my policy limits are of 15/30/25 the accident i was in was minor i only had a small dent in my car a motorcycle hit me when i made a left Unfairly they might say its my fault(since motorcycles are crazy drivers sometimes the come out of no where they go in between cars its absurd,.. the other person on the motorcycle hired an attorney he called me looking to find out my policy limits i contacted my claims adjuster and he told me that according to attorney the guy on the motorcycle got back surgery and my might not be able to walk but how could that be possible if it wasnt a big accident? what happens if he tries to sue my dad since the car is under his name and so is the policy? what if its millions of dollars? we are not even close to having thousands? we wont be able to pay that much??

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Answer by Daniel B
yes you can be sued get a good lawyer

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5 thoughts on “could i be sued over accident?”

  1. First ignore those that tell you to run out and hire a lawyer at this point. You already have many lawyers who will represent you for free with your insurance company. Your insurance company will protect you to the limits of your policy. “If” you are sued, it is rare that it will ever get to court and if it does, rarer that any more than your policy limits is awarded. 99 % of these things are settled out of court. Relax and let your insurance company and their many lawyers protect you.

  2. The insurance company will settle the case out of court and that what his lawyer will advise his client regarding the case. If he goes after your insurance company and if they win the case the insurance will only pay the maximum that you are insured for and nothing more and you could be held liable for the rest. But there is always bankruptcy if it goes that far. And 99.99% of all of those cases take years to get to court, and most get settled long before that.

  3. With limits of 15/30/25 the insurance company won’t send in the first team. At worst they stand to loose $ 45K. If this guy is seriously hurt this could amount to millions and yes you and your father are liable for what ever the insurance does not pay.
    Get some real insurance, what you have might be legal but it’s stupidly low!

  4. Oh, I get it…he was on a motorcycle, so he doesn’t matter. You turned left in front of him. You are at fault. This is the most common type of car-motorcycle collision. There are more “crazy drivers” in cars than there are on motorcycles. Since it was only a small dent on your car, he couldn’t possibly be seriously hurt. Wake up – you could have killed this guy! By your own admission, you didn’t see him. You weren’t looking for motorcycles, you were only watching for cars.

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