Help on buying first moped.?

Question by Chris: Help on buying first moped.?
I live in a big town with spaced out neighborhoods and stores and fields. I can’t just walk or ride a bike because that will take hours(I’ve tried) and I do not have a drivers license for a car. I have a very low budget, and mopeds around me are going for 650+. Would buying an old moped from the 70’s or 80’s be a bad idea, even if it is running? I have experience working on quads and dirt bikes, just not mopeds. Would buying a cheap moped that just needs a part or two to get running be a bad Idea?

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Answer by Justin Thyme
I can only tell you to check a used one out thoroughly,make sure the engine has compression and the drive system isn’t`t worn out and the wheels bent etc. Parts are available so any normal maintenance like brake shoes and chain replacement Arena`t a big issue. Make sure the title is clear. There`s also engine kit`s available to put on bicycles,they might fit the budget and are relatively easy to install.

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One thought on “Help on buying first moped.?”

  1. — Quote:
    “Operators must carry a valid driver license, registration certificate and insurance…”
    Not to mention that a “moped” is limited to1.5 bhp and no more than 25 mph. Ever caught doing over 25 mph and you will get ticketed for no motorcycle license, motorcycle registrations, etc.. Cops *love* harrassing kids.

    Get a motorcycle and motorcycle license and buy something that can do 40-50 mph.

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