How can I convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle?

Question by Cj: How can I convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle?
I actually work at a motorcycle school that lets people take our course and we will give them the endorsement to go to the DMV with and get the motorcycle addition added to their license. I have already brought the fact of the money I’ll save on gas and insurance. I have also promised her I won’t ride without safety protection (full face helmet, spinal protection, ribs and organ protection, gloves, boots, and even a refelector jacket). I have also brought to her attention that there are plenty of ways to avoid main highways and I will take back roads instead of main highways. I also managed to somewhat convince her that my driving senses will be heightened because I won’t have a radio or phone to grab my attention and my attenion will always be on the road and the people that I pass/pass me. Is there anything else I can tell her that will help my case?
Oh, also I have told her I will keep my step-dad’s 1997 Toyota Tacoma so the motorcycle won’t be my main source of transportation. And I forogt to menchon that I am in Florida and in Florida, I don’t need to have insurance on my motorcycle which will save me money but every time I can affford a month or two, I will get the insurance just for safety reasons.

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Answer by Old Man Dirt
About the only way to do this is to become older then your Mother! To her dying day, my Mother would not let me buy a motorcycle. But there is a point at which what my Mother wanted could not have any effect on what I could do. Meaning when I got under my own roof and was of the age of majority, I no longer had to answer to my Mother for what I did.
Problem is that it does not prevent “I told you so”‘s. Just imaging how hard it would be to have your Mother lecture you when you are in traction and have to just hear her out! Six weeks (or more) is a long time to have to hear the same lecture every day every hour you are awake. Then while you are hanging there the thought will cross your mind- “Why didn’t I buy some insurance” or “How an I going to pay this bill”!

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3 thoughts on “How can I convince my mom to let me get a motorcycle?”

  1. you cant,im 47 my mom is over 75 she hates bikes and will never approve of them.
    but guess what she cant stop me from buying it,if you are over 18 she cant stop you but be ready to look for another place to live when arriving with the bike.
    if under 18 save your money and wait till then.
    good luck.

  2. Assure your mom that you will ride the bike carefully and will use proper helmet and rider wear. This is the only way to convince your mom.

  3. Wait till you’re 18 and buy it with your own money. Whether or not she approves of you buying and riding it, Abide by her wishes to wear safety gear and make every effort to be safe. Take the safety course before you get your endorsement. She’ll come around eventually, provided you don’t get hurt. Don’t ever tell her about the close calls you have. They happen no matter how careful you are.

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