How do I prove I was not speeding?

Question by zero_eden_delmo: How do I prove I was not speeding?
I just received a speeding ticket for 40 in a 30mph zone. I do not believe I was speeding. I was riding my motorcycle and stopped for a stop sign when a left accelerated and turned “I was in first gear”. When I straightened out, I moved up into second gear and went to a cruising speed. I saw the officer approaching me from in front. I noticed he did a U turn rather quickly in my mirror. So, I pulled over around a corner just a few feet away just in case. He pulled up behind me and came out, asked for my information. I really didn’t think he was going to give me a ticket. But, he came back with one for 10 over. I asked him why. He said and I quote. “I didn’t see you but I heard your bike. He said the radar had me at 40mph.
This whole ordeal took place within seconds and a matter of feet. I have been driving my motorcycle sense I was 16. I have NEVER gotten a ticket. I don’t speed. Cops scare the blank out of me. I feel like all I can do is keep my head down and do my best to stay out of the way. “Yet even that isn’t enough to protect myself from them.”
I am turning 25 next month if I kept my driving record clean my insurance would have gone down ALLOT. I drive safe so I can keep my insurance down.
The cop knew I had never gotten a ticket and knew I was turning 25 next month. He probably just did it to be a jerk.

What can I do? I really need help. I did nothing wrong.
I feel victimized and that there is nothing I can do to protect myself from them.
I asked the officer if he was going to come to court he said no. Bruce like I said, I saw the cop do a reckless U-turn so I turned around the next turn and pulled to the side just in case. Isn’t that what you are so post to do? Or dose following the rules imply gilt as-well. What you are saying is no matter what everyone is guilty no matter what. What happen to innocent until proven guilty? The America you live in is not the one I believe in. I dont ever want to be apart of you’re America.
I just said that out of anger. No one is really providing me with any help though. The question was “How do I prove I was not speeding” after all.

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Answer by Phoenix
Well the ONLY thing you can do is ask for the radar to be checked for calibration. that is really the only thing that can be done

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4 thoughts on “How do I prove I was not speeding?”

  1. Report it! I believe you and never doubt yourself so if you´re sure you didn’t cross the “30mph zone” you shouldn’t pay … that’s injustice, totally unfair.
    Report your innocence, say exactly what you have wrote here in your question.
    Refer your speed, the gear you were in. Good Luck !

  2. There is no physical evidence you can produce to prove you were not speeding. It will come down to testimony. Because of the officer’s training and experience, his testimony will be given more credibility. This will make it very difficult to win your case.

    I’m sure the officer would also mention the fact you pulled over immediately while he was making a u-turn. Knowing he was after you suggests guilt.

    Your best bet may be to see if the court offers some type of diversionary program such as traffic school or community service to keep this off your record.

  3. Sorry to say but your screwed cops are liars and scum trying to boost their pay checks. You got fucked like the rest of america does everyday. I was going 80 in a 45 zone and they boosted it to 95 to make the punishment worse.

  4. you have the right to take it to court. to say he KNEW you were 25 and had no tickets, and gave you a ticket just to be a jerk…really?? get real, most police officers know BEFORE they pull you over if your getting a ticket or not, and NO most people don’t pull over if they see an officer make a u-turn unless they KNOW they were doing something wrong, if that was the case then the police would never be able to make a u-turn to go to a call with out people stopping all around him. Take him to court, if he doesn’t show up then your ticket gets dismissed.

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