How much would it cost to insure my scooter?

Question by Hardcore Punk: How much would it cost to insure my scooter?
I’m looking for a fairly inexpensive way to get around
So I found a 49 cc Honda Ruckus moped/scooter that I’m looking to buy and insure (because of mandatory insurance laws in Florida)
How much would it cost to insure it if I’m looking for the lowest available plan for be in the confides of Florida law.
I keep it inside my house at night.
and BOTH if I HAVE HAD a learners permit for a year and DON’T and just got a license
I’m 18 and want to see if the savings will be worth waiting a year to drive the thing.
want to see how much that would save me.
and I would want to know the estimate of paying monthly.

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Answer by David S
call ur insurance agent, if u have insurance u have an agent

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