I want to buy a Scooter?

Question by SHiLLySiT: I want to buy a Scooter?
So I’ve recently become a college student (Yayyy) and transportation has become very important; need to get to and from school as well as getting to work. I don’t come from a very wealthy family so I was already looking at waiting for a long time to get a car of my own.

Then today I saw a man on a scooter and I was like, hey! Those must be cheap! Sure enough, I was finding some brand new for $ 700ish. (Obviously I am going to buy one used because its cheaper) I also looked up the laws in California regarding scooters and I DO NOT need a license, registration, or insurance. So this all saves me money!

My problem is, I don’t know where to start. I want a scooter that gets good gas mileage (I saw one that said 100mpg!) and is durable/reliable. Not to mention one for a good price. I know craiglist is a good place to go for used, but what models of scooters should I look for? Any other sites that would be a better alternative to craigslist?

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Answer by Dan B
Anytime you buy USED transportation, you are buying someone’s problem child. Used ones on the market may be near the end of their useful life. No one gets rid of a perfectly running mode of transportation unless they are desperate. I would buy new if at all possible. You’ll at least get some kind of guarantee.

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3 thoughts on “I want to buy a Scooter?”

  1. First of all, no scooter will be able to get a 100mpg fuel economy and be cheap and reliable, I can say a turd is bright and shiny and smells like flowers but its just not true. Secondly, in order to drive a scooter on the streets of California no matter what engine size, you need at least an M1 License, or Permit, and Insurance and Registration. Whoever informed you that you don’t need one doesn’t know what he is talking about. Information about this is on the CA DMV website. And in the Motorcycle DMV Handbook on page 2 and 3. Lastly, no scooter can be reliable and $ 700. You probably went to a website like http://www.scooterdepot.us. This is a beginner mistake and please don’t be one of the many to buy one of these cheap Chinese pieces of sh*t. If your strapped for money you can buy one of these, but believe me you will wind up coming back to them asking them for a refund because it will break within 1-2 weeks. Just save up at least $ 4,000 and buy a real reputable reliable used scooter. The Suzuki Burgman is a great one, its a 400cc has lots of storage space and gets 52 mpg. But if Vespas are your style (gay, not judging though) you can definitly find one used for $ 4,000 or lower.

  2. ” I also looked up the laws in California regarding scooters and I DO NOT need a license, registration, or insurance.”

    The SCOOTER in the California laws are those little stand on skateboard type toys — http://www.goped.com/ GoPeds, 29cc 20mph max. It is *not* allowed on sidewalks. Legally you need to walk in the gutter because everyone will be trying to running you off the road. You would be better with a pedal bicycle, faster.

    A scooter meaning as a seat, like a Vespa, is legally a motorcycle — requires vehicle registration, insurance, and your M1 driver’s license. A used reliable Japanese or Italian scooter will over $ 1,000.

    California, even here, has some bad days. Cold. Wet. Are you ready to be wearing raingear and jacket freezing cold? You can’t two vehicles while a starving student. A scooter is ONLY good if you are also willing the bad. You *will* be wet, cold, and you *will* fall to the ground and scrape skin. If you are one in 1,000 willing to ride only a motorcycle, go for it!

    A cheap used car is warm, dry, keeps to carry your books, etc…

  3. agreed with MIKE on all counts except needing $ 4,000 to buy a scooter. a Burgman and such are “maxi scooters” that are freeway legal and have bigger engines. but you don’t need one just to get around

    also, opposed to what the first poster said, you can get a good used scooter for around $ 1000, if not a bit more. it would most likely be 50cc with a max speed of 40mph, but it would get you around. you don’t say where in California you are, but if in Southern or the Bay area, lot’s of choices should be around. good 50cc to 125cc / 150cc scooters include the Honda Metropolitan, Yamaha Vino, C3, and Zuma, Genuine Buddy series, and Kymco Agility. Japanese and Taiwanese scooters are the best affordable scooters around. You know the Japanese brands most likely, Taiwanese scoots include the Kymco and Sym brands and are less expensive, but are quality machines. Avoid the chinese brands unless you buy it from a place which will service it for you. These are “hit and miss” scoots and in California may not be legal due to poor emissions. CARB (California Air Resources Board) has recently cracked down on many Chinese brands, and some people have had registrations revoked on account of fraud by the distributors.

    If you live in the Los Angeles area only two places come to mind for buying a Chinese scooter. Those two places are Scooter Dynasty downtown, and High Style Motoring in Whittier. They service and repair what they sell and will do their best to keep you on the road. Also, they will put together the bike right, as they come partially assembled in crates. Don’t expect much from a warranty, as you don’t get much of one with a Chinese scoot. Oh, and Big A$ $ Motors in Northridge also will not steer you wrong.

    That said, if you are in L.A. the best place to buy a used scoot at a fair price is NoHo Scooters in North Hollywood. It’s one of the BEST scooter dealers in the entire country. You say you aren’t wealthy, but if you or someone else has credit right now you can get a BRAND NEW Kymco Agility 125cc for $ 1700 from there. Comes with a full two year parts and labor warranty, and financing with low monthly payments is available. It’s a real basic scooter, but will get the job done reliably for years to come 🙂

    You need a learners permit to ride, though. You need to take two written test at the DMV and they will give you a permit to ride during the day, no freeway riding, and no passenger. You will have the opportunity to take the motorcycle skills test on your scooter within one year of getting your learners permit. To ride a moped or similar machine without taking a skills test you need an “M2” license which involves a written exam only. these are for bikes with engines 49cc or below that do not go faster then 20mph. Otherwise you need a permit or license to ride.

    The only kind of “scooters” which you don’t need this for are the kind you stand on. Here is a link to the NoHo Scooter ad for the Kymco Agility in case you are in the area and it’s an option


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