I was injured in a motorcycle accident and not sure if I should get a lawyer.?

Question by jiu-jitsu guy: I was injured in a motorcycle accident and not sure if I should get a lawyer.?
I was hit by a car that failed to yield while he was turning left and I going straight. He was ticketed and at fault. I suffered a broken leg that required two surgeries and 3 days at the hospital. I only have liability but have been told that the other person’s insurance “should” cover the costs.

I am not sure if I should hire a lawyer but should I? Is it possible that the other insurance wont cover everything, including pain and suffering and loss of wages? But my main concern now are the medical bills. Very expensive I am sure.

If I do go with a lawyer, is there a point in time where it might be too late? It has been a week and a half since the accident. I know they would not want me talking directly with the insurance and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance. I hope to be on my feet again very soon.
Thanks to everyone who has replied. I felt like I needed a lawyer right away but didn’t know I have up to one year to do this. Now I will take my time in choosing one.

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Answer by Doctor J
You have had a serious injury and there may be life-long consequences. To protect yourself, it would be wise to seek quality legal advice.

Best wishes and good luck.

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3 thoughts on “I was injured in a motorcycle accident and not sure if I should get a lawyer.?”

  1. Sorry to hear about you accident. I ride a bike too, and the most dangerous thing about motorcycles is the idiots in the cars that don’t see you. 8^< The person who hit you should have insurance. You should be in touch by now with the adjuster for the other person's insurance. They should be covering your medical expenses -now-, before you actually talk about a settlement. The other person is clearly at fault and should be admitting it. If that's happening, then just sit tight. After you are out of the hospital, after the cast is off and everything is back to normal (as much as possible), -THEN- the adjuster comes to your house and you talk about a settlement for 'pain and suffering'. ALL the actual medical bills and other expenses should be paid by the other guy's insurance as they come up, before this final negotiation. You have a year to begin a lawsuit. So you don't have to hire a lawyer right away. In fact it's not a good idea. If you hire a lawyer now, and you end up not suing the insurance company, the lawyer still gets a percentage of whatever they gave you. If you -do- sue, anything you get beyond the insurance comes out of the driver's bank account, and if he doesn't have a lot of money you won't get a lot of money, and the lawyer gets like 1/3 to 1/2 of it! The insurance company is probably very eager to make you happy. They don't want to get lawyers involved. Insurance adjusters I have worked with have been very open and very fair, and good at answering your questions. So at least give them a chance. Also, if you don't have medical insurance, there's a chance your own insurance will cover your medical expenses over and above what the other guy's insurance will cover. Here in California where I live, you are only required to have $ 15,000 in coverage for each person injured in an accident. But a broken leg can easily be more than that. So your insurance might kick in the rest. Talk to your insurance guy and see if they do 'secondary coverage'. Best of luck to you!

  2. Get yourself a lawyer. Right of way violations are the leading cause of death or serious injury to motorcycles. I’m sure you can find one in your area that specializes in motorcycle cases.

  3. Sorry to hear about you accident. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, your attorney will talk to you about  Settlements vs. Litigation

    Another thing to ask a motorcycle injury attorney is how they charge their fees.¬† Most all will do it on a contingency basis so you won’t pay anything up front, and he only gets paid if you win your case.
    Good luck!
    There is some info on this stuff at the site below.

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