I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?

Question by beavis: I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?
I’m 17, for the past two years I’ve been working hard not to end up a loser. I haven’t gotten laid yet, I have no job, and no car. But I’m working hard for all those things. I’ve been washing cars everyday I have about 1600 dollars, but every car I want has “high insurance”. The reason I want a car is to get laid, meet people, and drive to work, but I need a job to pay for my car so I look for a job but I need to be 18, without a job I can’t get a car, and without a car I can’t go on dates. So I made a deal with my parents that if I don’t get tickets and get straight A’s they’ll help me get a motorcycle, but I can’t get a motorcycle I have to pick my brothers up from school. I’m so alone in this world and so fed up of constant unfullfillment, by the time I’m 18 I won’t be able to date girls younger than me so what’s the point? If I’m not allowed an ego like the rest of you I just want to join a military and die already

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Answer by Adam
NEVER EVER give up! You are not alone! God is with you. Go to dating websites. Put up profiles. Find jobs around the neighborhood. Go to car dealers. You earn that money! You can't just say I WANT A CAR and a car pops up. That's what life is! Obstacles and earning. And if you want to die you need a suicide watch. And why are you in adolescent

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5 thoughts on “I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?”

  1. You make it sound like all this is happening and you’re forty years old instead of only 17. You are young and just getting started on your independent adult life with many years to come yet.
    This will all come as you get older.. Have some patience, for crying out loud.
    A few things to point out………
    How do your brothers get home from school now?
    Because of your age, ALL cars are going to be high on insurance.
    Just because you have a car doesn’t mean that someone will automatically have sex with you. By the time you’re 18, younger girls probably won’t interest you much anyway.
    Just stay calm and wait for life. Everything doesn’t happen at once. Life is a long process, so cherish every moment and milestone instead of wishing for it all right this minute.

  2. want to die its unfair if you get to die and i dont anyway you cant give up not yet anyway i cant have an ego either so your not alone in that nor are you alone you do have a family dont you one that actually loves you better then having one that hates you fed up with constant fulfillment welcome to this world where EVERYTHING is unfulfilling dont act surprised you should have figured this out in some point in time all you can do is wait 1 year then you can join the military dont know why you want to joining the military is like having a big red target painted on your back you pretty much become cannon fodder

  3. Sex is over rated kid,
    Leads to much more stressful things which can then lead to less sex all over again.

    Just go with the flow, good shit happens to good people…

  4. Oh my god you must have such a hard life. Lol what about the kids in Africa or the middle east. At least you don't have to fear being shot or dying of hunger.

  5. wow. Everything you said is normal growing up crap. See someone for antidepressants. You got more goin on that needs addressed.

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