Insurance for a 250r Kawasaki ninja?

Question by xmaximus360x: Insurance for a 250r Kawasaki ninja?
So I’m Turing 18 soon and I’ll be getting a regular drivers licence, right after that I’ll be taking a course locally for me to get myself a motorcycle licence, I am employed and know I can make the payments on it with a lot spare. I will be getting a Kawasaki ninja 250r in rhode island and I wanted to know, how much in insurance a month should I be expecting? Also here’s a tough one, it’s going to he on my name only because my mother has no credit and I do not want my fathers name anywhere near it. So I will have to build some credit on my own before I buy it, does this affect my policy amount?

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Answer by mbrcatz
You cannot buy motorcycle insurance “by the month”, due to the inherent layup periods. How much it costs, will depend heavily on what coverages you want.

Your credit score affects your policy costs.

When kids talk about buying vehicles and credit, it usually means they plan on borrowing the money to buy the vehicle. You can plan on the monthly insurance payment being HIGHER than the loan payment.

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