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If you live in the UK and plan to buy a motorcycle, you must be aware of the fact that you will need to get motorcycle insurance. It is illegal to drive any motorised vehicle in the UK without insurance. First, like for cars, there are three types of motorcycle insurance that insurance companies can offer you. The first and the most common type of motorcycle insurance is called ‘third party’ insurance.

You can get this motorcycle insurance, which is the cheapest one, and it meets the legal requirements. What this insurance means is that if you damage the property of a person or cause damage to any person, your insurance will cover those damages. That is why it is called third party insurance. However, if in the accident you are harmed or your motorcycle gets damaged the insurance will not pay for it.

The second most common type of insurance is called third party fire and theft. This type of insurance is also quite popular. It has the same cover as the third party, insurance and the only additional benefit that you get is that in case your motorcycle is stolen, the insurance company will cover the loss. In case your motorcycle is damaged in a fire, again the insurance company will compensate you. That is why it is known as fire and theft.

The third and most expensive type of motorcycle insurance is called comprehensive insurance. This insurance not only covers damage to other people and property, it also covers damage to your machine, replacement of parts that may have been damaged in the accident, and lastly, it also covers your injury.

These are the three types of motorcycle insurance cover offered by insurance companies in the UK. Now since a motorcycle can seat two people, you will need pillion passenger insurance. This insurance is automatically extended in motorcycle insurance. However, if you do not plan to have a pillion rider ever, then you should state this to the insurance company and they will give you a discount on your premium. Of course, you have to make sure that you never seat a passenger on the pillion seat on your motorcycle.

The insurance cost will depend on your age, the type of motorcycle you own, the power of the motorcycle, and the area where you live. When you get motorcycle insurance, do read the fine print of the policy very carefully before you sign on the dotted line. Do not take for granted what the insurance agent is telling you, as he/she gets a commission for every policy he/she sells.

The insurance certificate is a short and simple document. It states who is insured, the type of motorcycle insured, the type of insurance cover, and the period covered by the insurance and the main conditions. The insurance agent may give you a ‘cover note’, so that you can ride your motorcycle until your insurance certificate is ready.

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