Motorcycle Batteries and how they affect powering accessories?

Question by baggermike: Motorcycle Batteries and how they affect powering accessories?
Hi I have a bike that I am having a little problem with it powering my heated gear, the bike is rated at 432 watts at 7000 rpm and is a 3 phase 32 amp charging system, but the bike has a 10500 rpm redline and 7000 rpms at cruising is not good and around 4000 rpms feels good for cruising and on the hyway at 70 mph it is running at 4300 rpm so I do not know how many watts are being gennarated at that rpm, is there like a formaler to calcalate watts at that rpm, I have a program that you can put all the power the bike uses and with my heated jacket and gloves I have 35 watts left over. The battery is small and is rated for 200 cca and 12 amp hours, I can get a battery that has more power but do not know the benafites of the battery that puts out 250 cca and 18 amp hours, and if that would make the voltage regulator work more to keep it charged or hurt it, and only know that more amp hours would heat my gear better, so any info would help me allot. thanks Mike

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Answer by Ryde on
Your battery is a storage vessel and matters very little while the engine is running.
So long as your charging system puts out enough juice, you don’t need ,nor will you benefit from a hotter battery.
The advantage to a more powerful battery is that it will turn over higher compression motors. ( cold cranking amps )

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Do I need storage insurance?

Question by Chris K: Do I need storage insurance?
So I just payed off my motorcycle. I was planning on canceling my Allstate insurance until next spring. I called to cancel and my insurance agent said that if I just drop my insurance until spring, I will have to pay “high risk” (30% higher) insurance when I start again. He told me I should just go on storage insurance over the winter so that doesn’t happen. I asked him why I would be “high risk” if I wasn’t even under their insurance at the time. He told me that all vehicles were required by law to have insurance all the time, even if you didn’t owe any money on it.

I really think this guy is trying to rip me off. I highly doubt that every junkyard in the state covers all of their junkers with comprehensive insurance. If anybody could help, I could really use some clarification. I am from Minnesota in case you were wondering.

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Answer by David
By “storage insurance” he may have meant a clause that suspends the liability coverage, but doesn’t cancel it, and keeps the fire/theft or comprehensive coverage during the winter months. I wrote several cycles with exactly that clause as an agent. Check with the agent and ask; that’s what he’s there for.

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When I leave my new insurance company’s office, how long will it take for me to get proof of insurance?

Question by Harry: When I leave my new insurance company’s office, how long will it take for me to get proof of insurance?
I just got a new motorcycle, left it in my apartments parking lot, went home to visit the parents, and the next morning it was towed. I have the title, but it was not transferred to the previous owner correctly. All of the owners on the title are local and I have the previous owners number/address, so getting them to help straighten out the title should be OK.

But I need proof of insurance once I get the bike out of tow. How long will it take the insurance company to provide me with some kind of proof. My state is South Carolina. My local area is Georgetown. I plan to go to either Geico or Progressive. And I have never had insurance with either of them. I need insurance to also get a learners permit so that I can start riding.

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Answer by Entidtil
You walk into the insurance office, insure your cycle, pay the premium, they give you “proof of insurance” and you are all set.

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Insurance for a 250r Kawasaki ninja?

Question by xmaximus360x: Insurance for a 250r Kawasaki ninja?
So I’m Turing 18 soon and I’ll be getting a regular drivers licence, right after that I’ll be taking a course locally for me to get myself a motorcycle licence, I am employed and know I can make the payments on it with a lot spare. I will be getting a Kawasaki ninja 250r in rhode island and I wanted to know, how much in insurance a month should I be expecting? Also here’s a tough one, it’s going to he on my name only because my mother has no credit and I do not want my fathers name anywhere near it. So I will have to build some credit on my own before I buy it, does this affect my policy amount?

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Answer by mbrcatz
You cannot buy motorcycle insurance “by the month”, due to the inherent layup periods. How much it costs, will depend heavily on what coverages you want.

Your credit score affects your policy costs.

When kids talk about buying vehicles and credit, it usually means they plan on borrowing the money to buy the vehicle. You can plan on the monthly insurance payment being HIGHER than the loan payment.

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