Classic Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Classic vehicles are owned by equally classic people who value the olden days more than anything else. Its not that they live in the past, it is that they are the ones who know how priceless a classic vehicle is. Gone are the days when we could see Bullets and Flying Merkels, Nortons or Jawas thunder across the roads, whipping up a cloud of dust as they roar out in the horizon. But not everything is lost. Even today we have motorcycle lovers who keep these rare beauties in their stables well oiled and polished to the finish. Their passion for owning these grand two wheelers is so deep and intense that they are willing to go all out to pay what it needs to own and maintain these vehicles. It is essentially for these lovers of classic motorcycles that the insurance companies have come up with a number of classic motorcycle insurance policies which are affordable and contain a host of added features.

Most of the classic motorcycle insurance policies are available at reduced premiums. This is because of two reasons – one, the insurance company assumes that these vehicles would be very sparingly used and would not be involved in major accidents and two, these vehicles are owned by experts who know motorcycles in and out, and therefore have spent considerable years being on the road. Some insurance companies also provide extensive breakdown and recovery service at a very nominal fee throughout Europe and UK with the added benefit of foreign use entitlements.

Classic motorcycle insurance is also attractive to the owners because some insurance companies also include in the policy a free agreed value. This is a benefit given to the owner who just needs to send in a photograph of the actual vehicle to the insurance company, which values the vehicle based on the features presented in the photograph. A valuation is put on the vehicle which is mutually agreed upon by the insurer and the insurance company. In the event misfortune befalls the vehicle in the form of an accident or a burglary from the owner’s garage, the insurance company would settle the value based on the agreed value and not on the existing market value which is certainly going to be very insignificant. This proves once again that the company would respect the price that a classic motorcycle truly enjoys.

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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

Harley Davidson motorcycles are considered to the high end motorcycles. It’s like the Harley Davidson bike owners have their own community which separates them from other motorbike owners. These motorcycles are more expensive therefore Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance also costs more compared to other bikes.

People may think that Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance should be cheaper since they are not fast bikes but this is not the case. Harley bikes are considered to be nothing short of collector’s items.

There are various reasons why these motorcycles have higher insurance premium. Firstly, no two Harley bikes are similar, thieves love these bikes. They can steal the bike and then modify it as per their liking thus making it very difficult to recover. Secondly, it is a common view to see Harley bikes standing outside pubs and bars.

As per insurance companies view, there are more chances of drunken driving cases which could lead to accidents. This higher risk leads to higher premiums.

While looking out for an insurance company for your Harley bike, you need to make sure that you approach a company which specializes in insuring such bikes. The standard insurance companies may not be able to value your prestigious bike properly. There are various companies available who specializes in this policy. Even Harley Davidson itself provides insurance for its own motorcycles. Not only bikes, you can get the Harley apparels and accessories insured in such policies. You should also look out for discounts on your insurance policy. These discounts could be due to H.O.G membership, safety features in your bike, safe drier discounts or multiple bike owner discounts.

Getting the right insurance policy is very important because you want to enjoy the ride of your special bike instead to worrying about the insurance aspects of it.

The author writes articles on various types of insurance policies including Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance and motorcycle insurance brokers.

Question by alrozz: The wife crashed her car into my Harley Davidson Motorcycle?
This is not acceptable by me;However, my insurance will cover the damages.

I have a 2008 Harley Davidson FXST parked in the drive way. My wife always pulls up in the drive way in front of the Harley and parks the car. She says’ that her foot slipped and she hit the gas peddle instead of the brake.

My wife has no idea how I feel right now and somehow I get the feeling she did it on purpose because we have been talking about divorce and I told her she can do what ever she wants.

Could a wife get so mad that she actually would deliberately crash her car in to the husbands bike?

She acts like it was nothing and is actually mad at me for not parking my bike in another spot. She claims I love the bike more than her.

We are not talking at this moment and she is at a friends house after I told her to get out of my space.

Best answer:

Answer by Tennis Star
I dunno, if its a bitter divorice then sure. Could you see her doing such a thing? I mean, it could go both ways.

But yea, I like harley davidson, so she messed with the harley then…. wooooo not good..

Add your own answer in the comments! Harley Davidson Motorcycle insurance is an essential and riders should always have some kind of coverage because of many factors and one of those factors is that a motorcycle is much lighter then an automobile and therefore a person riding a cycle can get hurt much easier then a person who is hitting that bike riding in a car. Motorcycle insurance is a lot cheaper on the pocketbooks to get simply because of the fact that if 2 cars are involved in an accident, there is a lot more damage to each car then if a car and a motorcycle hit each other.
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Finding cheap motorcycle insurance quote

If you are re-motorcycle-insurance and they have yet to get a better deal and cheaper than it is now time to look at what
Insurance companies now offer motorcycle discount.

In general, the way most of us, and look for another insurance contract at the last moment
When it becomes easier for us, and just keep renewing the policy when there are
With our current insurance. And ‘human naturebecause it is always easier to avoid unpleasant
The tasks and continue with acquaintances.

Fortunately, life has been a lot ‘lighter, can be observed with the introduction of a number of comparison sites online motorcycle insurance specialists. Offer the largest insurance and for motorcycles compared to the same place.

In general, the insurance business are striving to find new customers and, therefore, tend to offer a tempting offer for the new policyBuyer. Further savings are often 10% to 15% discount offers to buy motorcycle insurance online.

In general, you are looking for 3 things when you purchase an insurance contract.

1. Overheads

The cost of future policy is obviously essential, but
Also interesting is the fine print for future needs, not the reduction of premiums for
Since the savings are made on timeConcept.


The reliability and reputation

They also want to know if your insurance creates the need to have a good reputation for driving fast, both verbally and financially.

3. Tools

Many insurance online has extras such as replacement of vehicles
And recoveries of vehicles coverage.

Buying insurance is not a pleasurable activity, but at least it was much easier, in line with specialized sites. So why not 15To find minutes,
You can on your current contract.
If you find your thinking, a new agreement, why not try a site like Cheap Motorcycle Insurance And scooter insurance cheap.

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Question by Mitch: Where can I find some cheap motorcycle insurance?
I am trying to find some cheap motorcycle insurance. Everywhere I have gotten quotes from so far have all been over $ 400 a month. Where can I find some cheap motorcycle insurance in Florida?

Best answer:

Answer by IceCreamQueen
Do you guys have Murcury in FL? I switched it from state farm. We have 2 cars, 1 trailer, 1 motorcycle and 2 jet ski, and their rates are the lowest for us…

Add your own answer in the comments!

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