Q&A: which company gives the best motorcycle insurance?

Question by fist da cuffs: which company gives the best motorcycle insurance?
im 19, im think on purchasing a 08 or 09 Ninja EX250. i have no accident history, no tickets. so what company will give me the best price or rate for full coverage?

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One thought on “Q&A: which company gives the best motorcycle insurance?”

  1. This is heavily going to depend on where you live. I got a quote on insurance here with statefarm and for my 2005 Ninja 250 and my 99 Ducati 900SS i pay about $ 50 a month.

    My fiance used to live in vegas, i got a quote there, statefarm wanted about $ 150 a month for both. Geiko wanted about $ 75… but where i live now Geiko wanted about $ 200 a month (go figure).

    There really is not one that is going to be “The best” everywhere, this is why people say “Shop around before you make a decision on insurance” because statistics and premiums play a big part on where you live.

    Generally speaking though you can get insured on a 250 ninja for a pretty inexpensive amount. When i was your age I was paying around $ 40-50 a month on the 250, now i pay $ 10.

    Statefarm, I do know, does it by cc size and not necessarily always by “model”. Other companies do it by “Sportbike, cruiser, touring, etc”. So call around and get some quotes my friend. I know it sucks to have to call around but that is actually truly going to be your best bet. People will throw out insurance company names on here all day long but it varies from place to place.

    The fact that you have a clean record, no accident history means you will likely be able to get it for a reasonable amount, you just need to shop around.

    Happy riding, the 250 is a GREAT beginner bike. 4 bikes later it’s still one of the 4 bikes in my stable and love it to death.

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