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I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?

Question by beavis: I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?
I’m 17, for the past two years I’ve been working hard not to end up a loser. I haven’t gotten laid yet, I have no job, and no car. But I’m working hard for all those things. I’ve been washing cars everyday I have about 1600 dollars, but every car I want has “high insurance”. The reason I want a car is to get laid, meet people, and drive to work, but I need a job to pay for my car so I look for a job but I need to be 18, without a job I can’t get a car, and without a car I can’t go on dates. So I made a deal with my parents that if I don’t get tickets and get straight A’s they’ll help me get a motorcycle, but I can’t get a motorcycle I have to pick my brothers up from school. I’m so alone in this world and so fed up of constant unfullfillment, by the time I’m 18 I won’t be able to date girls younger than me so what’s the point? If I’m not allowed an ego like the rest of you I just want to join a military and die already

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Answer by Adam
NEVER EVER give up! You are not alone! God is with you. Go to dating websites. Put up profiles. Find jobs around the neighborhood. Go to car dealers. You earn that money! You can't just say I WANT A CAR and a car pops up. That's what life is! Obstacles and earning. And if you want to die you need a suicide watch. And why are you in adolescent

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Car Insurance Advice – 5 Factors That Influence Your Insurance Premium

First of all you need to know that having car insurance isn’t an option, it’s the law. Even so, getting car insurance should be done in a way so that you can obtain maximum benefits out of it.

You can get maximum benefits if you get a whole year policy.

Second you have to know the importance of the car insurance. Mostly the new drivers make the mistake of not knowing or not understanding what can be the loss of not having the policy. They may suffer a lot for this huge mistake.

You are a driver or a car owner, maybe you own a motorbike or another kind of motor vehicle… in these cases you absolutely must have car insurance.

Your insurance premiums can vary because of the following factors:

Age, driving record, the vehicle you own, the vehicle’s age and the area you live in.
Also before buying the car insurance, do a retrospection of the coverage components which are resumed below for you.
Liability protects you in case the accident it’s by your own fault. Covers the damages made to the other car and the medical expenses, the pain and sufferance of anyone injured.
Comprehensive pays for the replacing of your car in case of theft or the for repairs your car will need in case of fire, flood or powerful winds.
Collision: regardless of whose fault was the accident this type of coverage will pay for the repairs to your car or the replacement of it on the market value.

Figure out what coverage you need and you will keep costs down. Many states don’t require the same amount for the liability coverage. You can find out about these facts from your state department.

Also you could contact an insurance broker because he will know the current market and will get you the best deal.

By the way, avoid the car insurance scams by making sure that your insurance company or agent is licensed by your state.

Shop around don’t take the first offer you hear about.

DO NOT PAY IN CASH! (This can be an easy scam to pull and you don’t know how many people fall for this one.)

These being said, good luck in finding a fitting car insurance, and let`s all hope that you won’t really be using it often.

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Auto Insurance Company Advice – Choosing the Right Auto Insurance Company

Choosing the correct auto insurance co can save you money right away, but more importantly it can also save you from major headaches down the road. The way an insurer handles a claim and their attitude about customer service is at least as important as the price you pay for your policy.

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident the way your insurance company deals with the aftermath can make a huge difference. If they are responsive to your needs and handle your claim quickly then the experience will be as pleasant as it can be under the circumstances.

If, on the other hand, the insurance company throws up roadblock after roadblock and makes you jump through hoops to file your claim it can make the aftermath of the auto accident as stressful as the accident itself.

The way to ensure you are dealing with a car insurance company that will treat you well is to read up on the company before you purchase a policy.

There are thousands of review sites online which will allow you to see what current customers have to say about their insurance companies.

If you find that your company is not well regarded when it comes to customer service you should begin looking for a new policy as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is to look for a policy from one of the well regarded companies online.

Every major insurance company will offer you a quote directly from their web site. This will allow you to shop for your next policy from the comfort of your own home and save a lot of money in the process.

Buying your next policy from an online auto insurance co may save you up to five hundred dollars or more. Since you will only be requesting quotes from companies that excel in customer service you will know you have are covered by a company that will be responsive to your needs.

Compare the cheapest auto insurance companies for free at http://www.SuperCheapQuotes.com today.

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