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I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?

Question by beavis: I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?
I’m 17, for the past two years I’ve been working hard not to end up a loser. I haven’t gotten laid yet, I have no job, and no car. But I’m working hard for all those things. I’ve been washing cars everyday I have about 1600 dollars, but every car I want has “high insurance”. The reason I want a car is to get laid, meet people, and drive to work, but I need a job to pay for my car so I look for a job but I need to be 18, without a job I can’t get a car, and without a car I can’t go on dates. So I made a deal with my parents that if I don’t get tickets and get straight A’s they’ll help me get a motorcycle, but I can’t get a motorcycle I have to pick my brothers up from school. I’m so alone in this world and so fed up of constant unfullfillment, by the time I’m 18 I won’t be able to date girls younger than me so what’s the point? If I’m not allowed an ego like the rest of you I just want to join a military and die already

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Answer by Adam
NEVER EVER give up! You are not alone! God is with you. Go to dating websites. Put up profiles. Find jobs around the neighborhood. Go to car dealers. You earn that money! You can't just say I WANT A CAR and a car pops up. That's what life is! Obstacles and earning. And if you want to die you need a suicide watch. And why are you in adolescent

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Famous quotes about life

Every human has some personnel commitments and also has some truth to be expressed. Various people have explained about life with real experience and also by knowing about the purpose of life. There are several famous quotes about life that have to be followed by all people. The following are some of the famous quotes about life that are being explained by various celebrities. They are:


1) As per the sayings from an American actor “Will Rogers”, no body can understand other’s feeling until it really happens to a person personally. Sometimes, it may sound funny about an incident when it is heard from someone that has happened to another person. Such feelings can be experienced as well as understandable only if it happens personally. This may even make other harder to smile and also to feel depressed.



2)   This famous quote about life is mentioned by an Irish writer during the 19th century.

Tragedies can be said in 2 ways. One is aiming for something and other one is embarrassment faced until achieving it. This may happen in many circumstances. Some people will aim for something and they may not achieve it at the needed time. Again in some case, those expectations will happen only at the unexpected time/ situation.



3)   Another good quote about life is as follows. “Always try to live the present as this day is going to be the last day and any one of the days will be the best day”. This quote will suit for the people who are trying for something. For instance, this saying will suit best to an entry level candidate who is searching a job for several months.



Similarly, there are various famous sayings about life that can be found in the internet and people can read them for getting motivated.



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Utilizing Life Insurance Quotes

In case you happen to be thinking about getting a life insurance for you and your family, it would be very prudent of you to get life insurance quotes, that can actually help you in your endeavor in getting a very good company to represent you in your life insurance scheme. There are many companies that are scattered all over the world, that can actually provide your life insurance, but you would have to get a company that is near to your home, so that all the basic requirements as well as all the needs and wants of you and your family are met with in a very short period of time. In order for you to achieve those, you must get an idea about the insurance companies which are best in the market, and which have a lot of positive reviews about them. There are many people all over the world who have actually been fooled by life insurance claims, and all their hard earned money has been washed down the drain.

In order for you to not emulate those people, you must make sure to get a very good working knowledge about the amount of companies that provide you with good life insurance claims, and all the companies who are fraud in nature, and commit fraudulent transactions, that can endanger your life insurance savings, and makes your life insurance schemes redundant.

In various cases, it is very prudent of you to actually get life insurance quotes via various sources, so that you do not have to run from one financial institution to another in order to understand what is the amount of premium that you would have to pay per month, and what is the amount of money that you would receive on achieving the maturity period.

These are vital information that you would need to know before you actually do life insurance for you and your family, and in order to get such information, you would have to run from one door to another, specifically from one bank to another in order to get the required information about the various life insurance schemes, and its privileges and functions. In order for you to save up on those harassing features, it would be very prudent of you to get life insurance quotes from various websites published in the Internet, and it could help you save a lot of time and money.

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Compare life insurance quotes

Comparing life insurance is probably the most sensible thing you can do if you are deciding to take out life cover. The cover you need for the insurance is important regardless, but your affordability is the key factor when deciding what cover you are going to take out. Some insurers may consider your risk profile to be a lower risk than others and for that reason you may get a cheaper premium with one insurer and not the others, for exactly the same amount of cover and benefits. You may also get better benefits that include extensions for disability for example. You could even couple the policy so that it covers both you and your spouse in case something happens to either one of you.

The whole idea is that you get an idea of what benefits you have access to and how much it will cost you to get them. The only way to do that is to Compare life insurance quotes on an “apples for apples” basis.

In other words, you have to get each insurer to giv3e you exactly the same cover and the same benefits to see which one has the best premium. If you end up in a situation where you have the same monthly payment, then you have to start comparing fringe benefits over and above the standard cover that you are getting with it. Some policies will offer you limited cover for disability or serious illness as an extra cover free of charge. You may even be able to get the full cover for a small premium. In that case you are covered for any serious problems that could end up affecting your household income in a negative way. You may extend the policy to have dual cover for both you and your spouse. That way you can pay for one policy and then have exchangeable cover for either you or your wife, and if anything happens to either one of you then, then you are both still covered. The biggest thing to consider when taking out a policy is affordability though.

You may talk to a sales consultant that sells you a policy with all the benefits and a nice lump sum amount in the event of a payout, but you have to consider your current financial position first. It’s all good and well to think you will be sorted when you pass away, but if you fall short on payments; your policy ends up defaulting and you get nothing. So plan your finances right and make sure that you are covered right to the end.

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