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Help on buying first moped.?

Question by Chris: Help on buying first moped.?
I live in a big town with spaced out neighborhoods and stores and fields. I can’t just walk or ride a bike because that will take hours(I’ve tried) and I do not have a drivers license for a car. I have a very low budget, and mopeds around me are going for 650+. Would buying an old moped from the 70’s or 80’s be a bad idea, even if it is running? I have experience working on quads and dirt bikes, just not mopeds. Would buying a cheap moped that just needs a part or two to get running be a bad Idea?

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Answer by Justin Thyme
I can only tell you to check a used one out thoroughly,make sure the engine has compression and the drive system isn’t`t worn out and the wheels bent etc. Parts are available so any normal maintenance like brake shoes and chain replacement Arena`t a big issue. Make sure the title is clear. There`s also engine kit`s available to put on bicycles,they might fit the budget and are relatively easy to install.

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Obtaining Moped Or Motorcycle Insurance Abroad

Riding a moped or motorcycle abroad is just like riding in your home country: It comes with certain advantages, disadvantages and insurance requirements. Just like any other vehicle you will need insurance to protect themselves and others on the streets . In this article we will explain how to use motorcycle or moped insurance, while I go abroad.


How To Get Started
Motorcycle or moped, you can order auto insurance abroad by simplyRun a Google search for the keywords “car insurance motorcycle motorbike abroad give” or the country that you are at.

You can not the whole thing before you get the setup has always been on the plane, and you’ll worry about the entire time you leave the country. When you get to your destination, just the insurance desk and tell them that you are logged on the phone with reference number and either confirm that you want to rent a motorbikeor sell (from the aircraft cargo hold or whatever you do there).

Coverage and reliability
Motorcycle insurance covers overseas work, falls, crashes, incidents, and everything is normal insurance cover. The bonus is that motorcycles and scooters on the back roads, streets, beach fronts can travel, and many other small zone is located, do not get the car.

The problem is that they are more prone to accidents and they can take your premiums upward.The best way to counter it, just a high deductible to pay if anything happens, so you’ll have lower premiums.


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