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I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?

Question by beavis: I’m close to the edge, need advice on life?
I’m 17, for the past two years I’ve been working hard not to end up a loser. I haven’t gotten laid yet, I have no job, and no car. But I’m working hard for all those things. I’ve been washing cars everyday I have about 1600 dollars, but every car I want has “high insurance”. The reason I want a car is to get laid, meet people, and drive to work, but I need a job to pay for my car so I look for a job but I need to be 18, without a job I can’t get a car, and without a car I can’t go on dates. So I made a deal with my parents that if I don’t get tickets and get straight A’s they’ll help me get a motorcycle, but I can’t get a motorcycle I have to pick my brothers up from school. I’m so alone in this world and so fed up of constant unfullfillment, by the time I’m 18 I won’t be able to date girls younger than me so what’s the point? If I’m not allowed an ego like the rest of you I just want to join a military and die already

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Answer by Adam
NEVER EVER give up! You are not alone! God is with you. Go to dating websites. Put up profiles. Find jobs around the neighborhood. Go to car dealers. You earn that money! You can't just say I WANT A CAR and a car pops up. That's what life is! Obstacles and earning. And if you want to die you need a suicide watch. And why are you in adolescent

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Do I need storage insurance?

Question by Chris K: Do I need storage insurance?
So I just payed off my motorcycle. I was planning on canceling my Allstate insurance until next spring. I called to cancel and my insurance agent said that if I just drop my insurance until spring, I will have to pay “high risk” (30% higher) insurance when I start again. He told me I should just go on storage insurance over the winter so that doesn’t happen. I asked him why I would be “high risk” if I wasn’t even under their insurance at the time. He told me that all vehicles were required by law to have insurance all the time, even if you didn’t owe any money on it.

I really think this guy is trying to rip me off. I highly doubt that every junkyard in the state covers all of their junkers with comprehensive insurance. If anybody could help, I could really use some clarification. I am from Minnesota in case you were wondering.

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Answer by David
By “storage insurance” he may have meant a clause that suspends the liability coverage, but doesn’t cancel it, and keeps the fire/theft or comprehensive coverage during the winter months. I wrote several cycles with exactly that clause as an agent. Check with the agent and ask; that’s what he’s there for.

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i bought a motorcycle in washington yesterday but the bank didnt approve it fully. yet the dealership had me sign papers!
they had me sign the papers then told me i couldnt take the bike till monday because the bank didn’t approve of it yet. so i never took the motorcycle off the floor i never drove it i didnt even sit on it…..then today one day later i got a bill in the mail saying my car payments a month due and so is my insurance so i called them and told them my situation and they told me what done is done. SO i really cant afford it anymore, i didnt drive it, it never left the showroom floor, and the bank didnt fully proccess it when i signed my papers. what should i do i cant make those payments can i legally get out of it?!?! Remember they never let me take it, there are still NO miles on it and the bank didnt fully approve it. they told me they would talk to the bank monday to make sure it would go thru!. i really cant afford it now. HELPPPP!!!!
theres suposebly a law in washington that you cant return a motorcycle to the dealership once its bought. I was wondering since it never left the store if that would still apply to my situation! i never took it anywhere nor did i even ride it!
The bank didn’t decline the loan you. They just didn’t give the okay before they close because they didn’t get to check with my work. So I’m gonna go in there and check on monday morning with the bank as soon as it opens and let them know I can’t make the payments anybody think that will work

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Answer by Candid Chris
Financing was declined, three day ‘buyer’s remorse’ law kicks in.
No harm, no blood , no foul.

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Do I need a liscense for this scooter in las vegas?

Question by Christian Carnell: Do I need a liscense for this scooter in las vegas?
I found this nice scooter.

Do I need a liscense to drive it on the street in las vegas?

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Answer by cpcii
Sorry to say but according to the DMV yes you do they say:

“You must have a Class C or higher driver license to drive a moped or motorized bicycle on a public street. You do not need a Class M license. Mopeds do not require insurance or vehicle registration. If the moped produces more than 2 gross brake horsepower, or has a displacement of more than 50 cubic centimeters (50 cc), or produces not more than 1500 watts final output, or is capable of exceeding thirty miles per hour (30 mph) on a flat grade, it is considered a motorcycle and you must have a Class M license, registration and insurance.”

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