What is it you do no like about Obamacare? be specific…?

Question by LadySnowbird: What is it you do no like about Obamacare? be specific…?
If you write your congressman … what part would you tell them to keep and delete and why?

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Answer by idiot
That punishment for noncompliance is simple jail sentence.
I would prefer capital punishment.

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12 thoughts on “What is it you do no like about Obamacare? be specific…?”

  1. People bitch about Obamacare constantly, but I have no problem with it. If Obama is willing to make the government actually TAX rich people for a change and use that money to pay for the pills I need to stay alive, I’m all for it.

  2. Companies have asked for thousands of exemptions for ObamaCare already – if that isn’t enough what is?

    Hey, Liberals – this failed health care reform will always be known and remembered as “ObamaCare” no matter how much you whine about it – if it was successful then I bet you would want it officially known as “ObamaCare”,right – I smell failure coming as well – don’t blame you for wanting to rename a failure.

  3. I should not be required to purchase anything. i use a holistic doctor, he is licensed as a chiropractor so no insurance company will cover him as my primary care physician. that make health insurance pretty much useless to me.

  4. My complaints fall into 2 catagories:

    1. I believe the requirement for everyone to purchase health care is unconstitutional. I see nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal gov’t the right to compel us to purchase a service.

    2. It does nothing to actually reform health care or how it is delivered. It is entirely about shifting costs around, so the taxpayer picks up more of the tab.

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