Why Get Texas Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle can be pretty risky. Its bad enough that vehicular accidents cause more deaths everyday than airplane crashes do, but riding a motorcycle, makes driving much more dangerous. Sure, you get to enjoy the wind in your hair, but you are so much more exposed to the environment and the potential dangers that it offerslike friction with rough pavement while going at sixty or seventy mph, or a pick-up driving at full speed!

Maybe youre covered by medical insurance, so youre not too worried. But have you thought about motorcycle insurance? Not only is motorcycle insurance in Texas required, your motorcycle is a pretty significant investment, and one that can be easily lost by an unexpected accident. If you havent thought much about it, maybe its because motorcycle insurance laws can be pretty difficult to take in. If youre worried about the cost of insurance, here are some tips to help you get the best deal:

New and fast means higher charge. The type of bike you buy will affect how much the insurance company will charge you. Newer, faster models will cost you more to insure for a number of reasons. First, it is more costly to repair these bikes. Second, being able to go faster means that the company is running a higher risk of having to pay for more extensive damages.

Senior Discount. Older people are charged significantly less for insurance than younger people. Maybe its because older people are assumed to be more mature and cautious.

You get discounts for good behavior. If youve never been in an accident, never been pulled over by a police officer, or anything of the like, then the insurance company is much more likely to give you a good rate.

Good credit. Believe it or not, your credit score is a significant factor on your insurance rate. A good credit rating statistically indicates you are more responsible, therefore, if you have better credit, you will probably get a better rate. Texas motorcycle insurance law allows insurance companies to use credit as a rating factor. Some states in the US, dont allow insurance companies to use credit.

Liability Only. Since motorcycles are some time relatively inexpensive, we may be able to pay for a motorcycle in full, without financing. This is typically a good idea because this means you dont need physical damage coverage, which tend to be very expensive. A liability only policy tends to be very inexpensive, the average premium in Texas is $ 100 per year (for liability only).

Knowing these things should help you get the best deal that you can on motorcycle insurance.

A final word: although a motorcycle is generally cheaper than a car and consumes much less gas, it is also exposed to much more danger. Having two wheels makes it a lot less stable than a four-wheels, or even a three-wheel vehicle. A bike is much lighter than other vehicles on the road, and is therefore always the loser in a collision.

For these and so many other reasons, you shouldnt hesitate to insure your bike, especially if you can get a reasonable rate.

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